I've been called "Ethel Merman for a new age" and "the lesbian Bette Midler of our time," and I'm flippin' delighted by both of these descriptions. Long story short, I’m a brassy, bluesy, old-school beltress who loves nothing more than making people laugh. I've performed Off-Broadway, regionally, and on national tours. In addition, I've made major headway in the cabaret world, premiering my original one-woman show, Mother Mary Says to Me, at 54 Below and performing it to a sold-out crowd at American Repertory Theatre's OBERON.



I'm not so secretly a huge nerd. I was very fortunate to get a full ride to Harvard where I studied English.


I generally speak in a standard American accent, but when I'm talking to my mom -- "Mothah Mary" -- the full-on Boston comes out wicked hahd, kid.


I have a borderline-alarming number of jumpsuits, and I'm not ashamed to admit it.


One of my favorite past-times is singing popular TV jingles as Cher.


I once hugged Beyoncé. I'm still not okay.